Pasūtījumus uz 11. un 12. Maiju vairs nepieņemam.

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 Happy name day! I hope you never have to share your name with a catastrophic hurricane or storm.

 On this day, may God give you the strength to party hard because you are going to need it today! Have a fabulous name day celebration!

 Celebrate this special day of yours with the knowledge that today your middle name shall be “Party Animal” because you and I are going to party like there’s no tomorrow! Happy name day, my Party Animal!

 May you be blessed with more name days than the majority of the characters from the TV series “Game of Thrones”. Happy name day, buddy!

 You’re such a great colleague and friend, and I truly enjoy working with you. On your name day, I wish you a life full of happiness and success. Have a happy name day.

 Wishing you a happy name day. I hope you have a magical day. Stay blessed.

 Yay! Today is your name day. I hope that you have the best day ever. Happy name day.

 Happy name day to my favorite colleague. May all the greatest treasures in this world find their way to your doorstep and fill your heart with happiness. Enjoy your special day.

 Wishing a happy name day to the most wonderful co-worker in the universe! I’m more than proud to call you a colleague and a friend. Happy name day. All the best.