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Bloom Box with pink Carnations


Dianthus (Carnations) - 13 pcs.

Oasis - 0.5 pcs.

Box (XS) - 1 pc.



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Whispers of Affection: Pink Carnation Box

Discover a world of tender sentiments and understated elegance with our Pink Carnation Box. Delicately nestled within this artfully crafted box, you'll find 13 enchanting Dianthus (Carnation) blooms in varying shades of pink, gracefully conveying messages of admiration, love, and fondness.

Box Contents:

Dianthus (Carnations) - 13 pieces: Each carnation, meticulously selected, stands as a symbol of beauty and admiration. Their velvety petals and subtle fragrance create a captivating allure, evoking feelings of affection and appreciation.

Oasis - 0.5 pieces: Ensuring the lasting freshness of your blooms, the half piece of oasis ensures your carnations remain vibrant and hydrated.

Box (XS) - 1 piece: Our carefully chosen extra-small box is a testament to sophistication and thoughtfulness. Designed to complement the carnations' delicate charm, the box itself is a gift worth cherishing.

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Pink Carnation Symbolism:

Pink carnations hold a special place in the language of flowers. They symbolize a spectrum of emotions, from maternal love to gratitude and even remembrance. These blooms are synonymous with tenderness and adoration, making them a perfect choice for expressing your feelings. With their delicate hues, pink carnations convey the essence of admiration and fondness, bridging hearts and creating lasting connections.

Order Now:

Unveil the whispers of affection held within our Pink Carnation Box. A thoughtful ensemble of 13 graceful carnations, carefully arranged to express your sentiments eloquently. With their rich symbolism and timeless beauty, pink carnations transcend mere flowers, transforming into a heartfelt token of appreciation and love. Order now to embrace the delicate charm and meaningful symbolism of pink carnations.

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