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8in wide x 26in tall when inflated

Satin foil



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Add Whimsy to Your Celebration with our 26-Inch Teddy Bear Rattle Balloon!

Elevate your special moments with our charming Teddy Bear Rattle Balloon, measuring 26 inches (46 x 66 cm). Crafted from satin foil, this delightful balloon adds a touch of magic and delight to any occasion.
Why Choose our Teddy Bear Rattle Balloon?

Adorable Design: The Teddy Bear clutching a rattle is an endearing sight, making this balloon perfect for baby showers, gender reveal parties, or birthdays.

Satin Foil Elegance: Crafted from satin foil, this balloon has a luxurious sheen and smooth texture, lending an air of sophistication to your decorations.
Generous Size: Measuring 26 inches, it's large enough to command attention without overwhelming your decor.
Helium-Filled: Our Teddy Bear Rattle Balloon comes pre-filled with helium, ready to float and add an element of surprise to your celebration.

Balloon Delivery Riga
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Teddy Bear Rattle Balloon Made of Satin Foil
Balloon Delivery to Jurmala
Delivery Services:
Our balloon delivery service in Riga ensures your Teddy Bear Rattle Balloon arrives promptly and safely, allowing you to focus on celebrating your special moments. We also offer delivery to Jurmala and nearby areas, providing convenience for your party planning.
Make Your Celebrations Memorable:
Whether you're announcing the gender of your baby, celebrating a birthday, or simply adding an extra layer of joy to your gathering, our Teddy Bear Rattle Balloon is the perfect choice. It's a delightful way to share your happiness and make your celebrations unforgettable.
Order Yours Today:
Don't miss the opportunity to infuse your celebration with whimsy and elegance. Order our 26-Inch Teddy Bear Rattle Balloon now and watch as it adds joy and enchantment to your special day. Let the festivities begin!

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